Our Constitution

Folkestone Research and Archaeology Group (FRAG)


1.1 The title of the Group shall be Folkestone Research and Archaeology Group.

1.2 The abbreviated title of the Group shall be FRAG.

1.3 The address of the Group shall be that of the current Chairperson. 


2.1 To discover, identify, document, record, protect and promote the archaeological heritage of the Folkestone area.

2.2 To undertake documentary research, field-walking and surveys.

2.3 To undertake excavations when/where possible with an aim to educate and train people in archaeology.

2.4 To stimulate interest in the archaeological heritage of the Folkestone area by organising talks, outings and events (local or further afield).

2.5 To ensure that sites under threat in the Folkestone area have a proper watching brief.

2.6 To foster relations with other groups and organisations in the area and outside of Folkestone, sharing events/talks/information.



3.1  There shall be three categories of membership. 

3.1.1 Full membership will allow the Member to receive the newsletter and to attend events, sites and projects.  A distinction will be made between Junior, Adult and Senior Members for the membership fees.

3.1.2 Friends membership shall be available to any person to receive the newsletter and to attend a limited number of events as decided by the Committee.

3.1.3 Honorary membership may be conferred by the Committee to any person deemed worthy of the privilege. 

3.2. The Committee shall have the absolute discretion to refuse, to admit or to renew membership of any person. 

3.3. Only Full Members having paid the totality of their membership at the date of the meeting are eligible to vote at any meetings. Honorary Members may vote at any meeting provided that they do not equal or exceed the number of Full Members present. 

3.4. Junior application forms must be signed by and carry details of Parent/Guardian.



4.1 The membership year shall be from 6th April to 5th April of the following year.  ANY Member whose subscription is not paid by the last day of the financial year debarred from the Privileges of membership. 

4.2 The subscription fees will be fixed at the Annual General Meeting and will take effect for the next membership year. 

4.3 Membership for new Members that join will be adjusted depending on the time of year that they join.

4.4 No Member leaving the Group shall have any claim upon the contributions or other monies paid into the funds of the Group.



5.1.  Any Member (Full/Honorary) of the Group working on ANY SITE/PROJECT will do so under the supervision of a Committee Member and/or their Nominated person's.

5.2  All work sites must be kept safe and tidy at all times. 

5.3  The minimum number of Members on a site must be two, one to be a Committee Member, or their Nominated person's.

5.4 Respect must be shown to the environment and wildlife at all times.

5.5 Respect must be shown to Proprietors, Representatives, Fellow Members and Members of the Public.

5.6 All Members must abide by health and safety rules.



6.1. The Officers (Committee) of the Group shall consist of:





and six other Officers defined by the Committee.

6.2.  All Officers shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting or, in the event of a vacancy arising during the year, by a resolution of the remaining Officers which shall be ratified at the next full meeting. 

6.3.  The affairs of the Group shall be managed and administered by the Officers whose responsibilities shall be: 

6.3.1 To administer the Group within the requirements of the membership as laid down at General Meetings and in accordance with the present Constitution.

6.3.2 To decide matters of general management.

6.3.3 To review and assess the activities of the Group.

6.3.4 To review all matters brought before the Group.

6.3.5 To determine the Agenda for the Annual General Meeting.

6.3.6 To legislate upon any point not provided for by this Constitution.

6.3.7 To record accurate minutes and voting records of all General Meetings. 

6.3.8. To form sub-committees of members to carry out specific duties as necessary. At least one Full Committee member must be a member of and responsible for sub- committee activities. 6.3.  The affairs of the Group shall be managed and administered by the Officers whose responsibilities shall be: 



7.1  Committee Officers meetings (monthly).

7.2 Group Meeting Members and Officers (quarterly).

7.3 Annual General Meeting (once a year).



8.1  The Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.) shall be held in February-March of each year, at a time and place to be decided by the Committee. 

8.2  Notice shall be given in writing at least twenty-one days before the A.G.M, covering all resolutions, propositions and any amendments to the Constitution. Notice to be sent to all Officers and Members.

8.3  The following business will be transacted at the A.G.M:

8.3.1  Report from each Officer and presentation of audited accounts for last year. 

8.3.2  The fixing of the level of annual subscriptions and fees. 

8.3.3 The reviewing and revising of the Group's Constitution.

8.3.4  The deciding of general questions. 

8.3.5  The Election of all Officers.

8.4  Resolutions require a simple majority of the Members present to pass. Constitutional changes shall require a majority of 60% of those present.

8.4.1.  Resolutions to make changes to the Constitution must be communicated to the Secretary in writing three weeks prior to the A.G.M. The Secretary will post a copy to all Officers and Members two weeks prior to the A.G.M.

8.5  Voting will be by show of hands except for the election of Officers, if more than one nominee is proposed and seconded. The vote will then be a secret paper ballot. 

8.6  The Chairperson will only vote in the event of a tie. 

8.7  A register shall be kept of all Members attending any meeting.

8.8  Special General Meetings may be called by: 

8.8.1  The Committee.

8.8.2  The Secretary receiving a signed petition from at least 25% of the total full membership. The meeting must then be called for within five weeks of receipt of the petition. 



9.1.  Meetings will only take place with at least five Officers.

9.2.  The Secretary will maintain minutes and records of all meetings. 



10.1  The Financial Year of the Group shall be 6th April to 5th April of the following year.

10.2  Acceptance of the Annual Accounts at the A.G.M. will be by a vote of Members present.  On acceptance, by majority, the accounts will be signed by the Chairperson and Secretary. 

10.3  Group money shall, under no circumstances whatsoever, be loaned to anyone for their personal use. 

10.4  All Bank / Building Society accounts shall be held in the Group's name.

10.4.1  A minimum of two signatories shall be required to authorise any withdrawals. 

10.4.2  Only Group Officers can be signatories, one of whom shall be the Treasurer. 

 10.4.3 The signatories must not live at the same address or be related in any way. 

 10.4.4  NO Member or Members of the Committee shall commit the Group to any expenditure without a resolution being passed at a Committee meeting. 

10.5. The Committee and Officers are indemnified by the Group against any claim or demand in respect of any liability properly and bona fide incurred on behalf of the Group. 

10.6. The overall balance, profit & loss and any major expenditure should be reported in writing to all Committee Members by the Treasurer.



11. 1 The Committee may remove from the role of Members any Member whose conduct at any of the Group's sites/ meetings or elsewhere is unseeingly objectionable or calculated to bring the Group into disrepute. This shall also apply if a Member does not observe any of the Group rules laid down in this Constitution.

11.2. Any such Member whose name is removed from the roll of Members shall have no claim on the Group for any Subscriptions or payments made to the Group whatsoever. 



12.1. If, at a Special General Meeting, it is decided to wind up the Group, the Treasurer shall realise so much of the assets as may be necessary to discharge the liabilities of the Group.  The remainder of the assets will be donated to one or more charitable societies or institutions, as decided by the membership.