East Wear Bay Archaeological Field School

During the ‘A Town Unearthed’ project (2010 – 2012) a number of the volunteers realised that Folkestone needed an archaeological group, which was when FRAG was born. This site has, therefore, a special place in our hearts. The Roman villa was originally excavated by S.E. Winbolt in 1924, and latterly re-opened in the late 1980's, and then as part of the local community digs in 2010/11.


Most recent interventions have been to rescue as much as possible from a site which is in peril from cliff erosion. In 2015, Canterbury Archaeological Trust, with the support of the KAS and the Roger De Haan Charitable Trust, organized further excavations on this site, this time under the guise of the ‘East Wear Bay Archaeological Field School’, a training dig for archaeological students, run with the support of local organizations such as FRAG. Much was rightly made of the significance of the Roman Villas on this site, however, the most recent digs have exposed the preeminent Iron Age community indicating the significant local production of quern stones and showing evidence of cross channel relations and trade predating the Roman invasions of Britain. The most up to date resource for this ongoing project can be found here.


FRAG is the project approved partner for the management of find processing, a significant and very interesting part of the effort. We are proud to be part of this ongoing project which is uncovering more about the history of Folkestone every year it is run. Both on site and afterwards, this is one of the most productive periods in the group’s annual calendar, one which we always wish to share with like-minded and interested folk. Here is a brief pictorial history from our members of the digs run since 2015: