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Welcome to the Folkestone Research and Archaeology Group
We are a group of people who are all interested in archaeology and the heritage of Folkestone. Having all met as volunteers on a recent dig in the area, we decided to create a group that will focus on Folkestone and the surrounding areas.
We established the group in January 2012, and are welcoming new members, whether you want to be an active member, who will participate in on-site archaeological activities, or an off-site member who prefers to remain indoors doing research, or categorising, identifying and marking finds, etc.

We have professional archaeologists amongst our members, as well as other people from different walks of life. We all have varying archaeological experience, including some of us with little or none at all.  If you have an interest in archaeology and history of the area, no experience required,  then why not join us at one of our meetings or sign up as a member.
If you just want to follow our activities and keep up to date with upcoming events, then sign up for our newsletter (see our Privacy Policy) or become a friend on our FaceBook page.
You can read our constitution to see  the aims and goals of our group.

One of our activities will be to document finds made by members of the public, in order to get a more accurate view of possible history and sites of interest within our boundaries.  There are already extensive records of official digs, however, very little is known of what has been found by people who are not associated with those digs.  These finds are essential for understanding the History of Folkestone.

If you have found items of interest please contact us so that we can identify the item and update the Historic Environment Record. We do not take possession of any of your artefacts.  Our aim is to get a clearer picture of the History and Archaeology of the area. If you think you may have found treasure, then you can check out whether it should be reported to the Portable Antiquities Scheme.

As a small non-profit group, we are always grateful for any donations, so if you would like to donate to our group please click here.

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